Clean rooms

Outsource your processes in ISO 7 clean rooms.

At Noricum we have clean rooms ISO 7 for your company to outsource the processes that need to do be done in controlled environments. That will save costs and you will not need to buils clean rooms in your facilities.


Molecular biology and protein purification equipments:
- Chromatography System Biologic LP.
- Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis.
- Protein Electrophoresis.

Cellular culture, microbiology and sterility equipments
- Vertical Flow Benches.
- Microbiological and cytostatic safety cabinet class II BIO II AP
- French Press Cell Disrupter.
- Kühner Shaker.

Analysis equipments
- Interferometer Microscope MicroXam 100.
- AMVn Automated Micro Viscometer.
- MB35 Moisture Analyzer.
- Muffle Furnace.


1. Surfaces characterization in three dimensions using interferometric microscopy (three-dimensional map of the surface with nanometer resolution).

2. Quality control and research:
- Food industry (milk, beer, sugar solutions)
- Chemical industry (polymer solutions, solvents).
- Pharmaceutical industry (cosmetics, essences).
- Biological solutions
Biotechnology (protein solutions)

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