Noricum Implants - Company

"not only employ the latest technology on manufacturing high quality products, but since its founding in Noricum we are dedicated to the research of new products"

Noricum S.L. is a spin-off initiative emerging from a research group at the Complutense University of Madrid. The company has focused its R & D on the implementation of biotechnology developments on the field of Health Sciences.

The aim of Noricum is to satisfy a market that seek excellence in implant dentistry. To do this will it needs not only cutting-edge technology used in manufacturing high quality products and personalized professional assistance, but since its founding in September 2004 Noricum is dedicated to research and development of biomaterials that act as substitutes for bone grafts and new types of dental implants employing a methodology that significantly improve the time to integrate them with the bone.

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The investigations into osteoinductive agents along with the development of a biocompatible and biodegradable support have been combined into the design of new products and materials that stimulate bone growth. We have also developed implants that not only perform their traditional role but also stimulate the osseointegration process in cases of poor bone quality. To carry out these projects, Noricum has developed a system of BMP2 morphogenetic protein production in their own facilities.

Therefore, on Noricum we have been working closely since 1997 with leading implantology professionals who have advised and guided us on the clinical needs of the investigation.